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Edward J. ("E.J.") Jaax Certified Financial Planner Professional

Edward J. (“E. J.”) Jaax, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, believes that all the relevant aspects of a client’s financial life must be considered when building an effective retirement income plan. Through a consultative approach with the client, E. J. explores what is important to the client now and in the future.

As a seasoned professional, E. J.’s career has covered a vast array of responsibilities and points of exposure. Combining experience and education, he brings a depth of knowledge when assisting clients with truly solving their most pressing retirement income and planning concerns and helping them make smart and lasting choices about their money.

His focus is on helping individuals nearing or in retirement, and he recognizes that managing your money in retirement can be far more complex and different than managing your money during your working, earning, and accumulation years. He believes that a shift from a “performance” based and static risk management philosophy to an “income” based, dynamic risk management, and planning focused philosophy is vital for success in your retirement years. Many advisors lack this perspective, choosing to rely on average “historical” returns and buy-and-hold performance-based results as the basis for their strategy in looking forward.

Not having a mathematically correct portfolio solution in retirement can lead to an economic financial death spiral of the client’s portfolio and financial picture. Integrating an income planning approach that ensures longevity and liquidity, along with a tactical dynamic risk management approach to growth, all at the same time, is an important and effective strategy to achieving financial retirement success, confidence, and a sense of well-being.

Jaax is an advocate of personal as well as professional development and is continually looking for new ideas and ways to improve personally, and to better serve his clients.

Outside of the office, E. J. has served on several youth mentorship and leadership boards and organizations, is involved with public policy and civics, and is a graduate of multiple leadership programs. He enjoys a good book, staying physically fit, self-defense martial arts, dancing, and the Colorado mountains. A product of growing up in the mid-west, with salt of the earth values and work ethic; he is now a 20-year resident of Texas and calls the San Antonio, TX area home.

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