Get to know Michael Zimmerman


Michael Zimmerman

Portfolio Strategist and Investment Advisor Representative

Mike joined A.G. Edwards in 1984 and became intrigued with the CAN SLIM investment/trading system in 1991 after taking a trial subscription to Investor’s Business Daily and receiving cassette recordings featuring William J. O’Neil and David Ryan. He became a disciple of Bill O’Neil and attended workshops and seminars with Bill and David.

Mike completed the CAN SLIM Master’s Program in 2006 and 2008 and has developed his own unique trading style based on his years of experience. “In Japanese, the word for constant and neverending improvement is kaizen. I’m passionate about the market, and I’m a firm believer in the principle of CANI.”

“With CAN SLIM you can have 10 people equally trained with widely disparate investment results. It’s not just what you know but how you apply it based on your ability to interpret technical chart patterns while staying in sync with the prevailing market trend. Ultimately, CAN SLIM is a trend-following approach that helps you identify the leading groups and leading stocks just as they are about to emerge or immediately after coming out of an area of consolidation.”

Mike was featured in the 2017 MarketSmith Stock Digest Spring Edition, and his expertise in the CAN SLIM investing style is a valued addition to the Capital Management Services organization.

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